Thank You’s and Content Attributions

This organization and site has been created with the help of many different people and companies.

We would also like to thank those professionals and companies who have helped us with our Houston summer internship, our workshops, and/or our website content: we are very thankful to each of the following:

Boston Consulting Group
Bradford Coaching
College Money Guys
Design At Work
Doeren Mayhew
Liberty Mutual
Salt Lake Legal Defender Association
Techtronic Industries

We would also like to thank our educational partners including:

Concordia Lutheran High School
Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
Fort Bend Christian Academy
Fort Bend Independent School District
Houston Independent School District
Katy Independent School District
Rice University
Sheldon Independent School District
Spring Branch Independent School District
University of Houston
University of Houston-Downtown
University of Houston-Sugar Land
University of Northern Iowa
University of Oklahoma
University of Texas

A special thanks and our content attributions go  out to the following for content running on this site:

Author:  RealCereal/CC BY-SA 2.0


Author: David/CC BY 2.0


Author: AHLN/CC BY 2.0


Author: stevebustin/CC BY 2.0


Author: TijsB/CC BY-SA 2.0


Author: GotCreditCC BY 2.0
Author:  Celia Looney  / CC BY 2.0
Author:  Ken Teegardin   /  CC BY 2.0