OmniLYF Careers

OmniLYF is a company founded on and fascinated by the idea of happiness, especially as it relates to career choices. We spend an exorbitant amount of time at work and the people of OmniLYF believe there is a better process to determining what someone is going to do for the rest of their lives. OmniLYF provides a rotational internship program that allows students to experience multiple fields over the summer to gain insight into which profession they prefer the most.

Available Positions

Paid Houston Summer Internships – Summer 2020

We are looking to hire highly motivated candidates who are pursuing a BS or MS degree in the field of their desired position, or in a related field, to work in a leadership role on our team. Candidates need to be quick learners willing to work hard as they will be tasked with not only learning and using the programs and skills used in their profession, but also training and assisting their team members in accomplishing each project. This Paid Houston Summer Internships are 10-12 weeks and interns are expected to work 40 hours per week. Not only will interns be given in-depth training preparing them for day one on the job, but they will have multiple opportunities to network with local companies who are involved in the program.

Each available position is provided below. Additional requirements may also be seen below should the position require it.

Civil Engineering

Additional Requirements:
Knowledge of Engineering Programs RISA, STAAD, AutoCAD is a plus


Additional Requirements:
Previous Debate or Negotiation experience a plus

Chemical Engineering

Additional Requirements:
Previous Chemical Engineering experience or internships a plus

Business Consulting

Additional Requirements:
Previous Business Consulting experience or internships a plus


Additional Requirements:
Previous marketing experience including social media advertising a plus


Additional Requirements:
Previous Accounting/Finance experience or internships a plus

Computer Science

Additional Requirements:
Working knowledge of fundamental CS concepts
Minimum of 1-year experience in programming and software development using at least two programming languages, preferably JavaScript, Swift, Python, Java, C++, or Ruby

Mechanical Engineering

Additional Requirements:
Previous Mechanical Engineering experience or internships a plus

Electrical Engineering

Additional Requirements:
Previous Electrical Engineering experience or internships a plus


Additional Requirements:
Previous Architecture experience or internships a plus

Graphic Design

Previous Graphic Design experience including samples

Web Development

Additional Requirements:

Experience with HTML/XHTML and CSS
Minimum of 1-year experience in programming and software development using at least one other programming language, preferably JavaScript, Python, PHP or Ruby


Additional Requirements:
Previous Journalism experience or internships a plus


Additional Requirements:
Previous Negotiation experience or internships a plus

Computer Aided Drafting

Experience with AutoCAD, other CAD drafting programs


Additional Requirements:
Previous cinematography work including samples