Houston Summer Internship

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OmniLYF?

OmniLYF is a nonprofit organization focused on helping students figure out what they want to do with their lives before they have to commit the time and effort towards pursuing a particular path. We believe everyone should seek to find the job we can’t live without as opposed to finding some job we can live with. We are dedicated to figuring out ways to help those searching for a path to find their one true passion.

What is the OmniLYF Houston Summer Internship Program?

The OmniLYF Houston Summer Internship Program which provides students with real world, on-the-job experience within a range of career paths to allow the students to get a real feel for what they will be doing if they choose each particular job path. It is set up as 4 two-week internships where each student will collaboratively be running through simulated projects that are identical to projects done in each industry. Training will be provided during each internship to allow the students’ experience to be as real as if they were walking into their first day of work. There is also a 9th week where students put everything they’ve learned together in resumes, interview prep, and negotiations.

What career paths are currently available?

This year the OmniLYF Houston Summer Internship is featuring 16 programs.  Other programs will be added in the future.

Business Consulting
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Drafting
Web Development
Videography/Film Direction/Film Production
Graphic Design

Why should I apply for OmniLYF?

Many of us at OmniLYF spent 4-6 years in college only to find out we chose a path we didn’t enjoy. While we believed we could do any type of work as long as it paid well, we quickly found out we weren’t exceptions to the studies that show that happiness doesn’t increase beyond a certain level of income. Because we now believe finding your one true passion will ultimately lead to you leading a happier life, we wanted to do something to ensure others didn’t follow down our same path (see is Is it worth it?).

How much does the Houston Summer Internship Program cost?

The cost varies depending on which program is selected and whether or not a scholarship is received. For exact costs see the Apply Page. Additionally, there will be a sacrifice of time, the cost of gas money and if students choose to eat out at lunch.

Is it worth it?

Yes…well that was easy.
The amount of time wasted in college due to students changing majors is incredibly costly. It takes between 3-4 years to graduate from college if you know what you want to do, however, the average time spent in college by students is 5.3 years due to students changing their majors an average of three times before they graduate. That means not only are students paying for an extra 1.3 years of tuition at an average cost of $26,000 for public school, or $45,500 for private universities,  but they are losing out on 1.3 years of pay and experience in their new careers.
Additionally, between ages 18-67 we spend a third of our lives at work with another good portion of our remaining time asleep.  Add in kids, spouse, chores and there is not a whole lot of time for ourselves.  If we can help students find something they love to do, we will go a long way towards increasing the level of happiness in their lives.  This makes the experience gained in the OmniLYF Houston Summer Internship extremely well worth it.

Is this a paid internship?

No.  Unlike paid internships, the OmniLYF Houston Summer Internship is not set up in order to benefit any particular company.  Instead, students are trained and placed in projects that have been specifically set up to provide the student with an in-depth look at what it would be like to work in each of the four professions they will experience. Because of this, interns are never assigned menial tasks, as often happens in typical internships while their bosses attempt to find them work that will benefit the company . Instead, interns are constantly working on real-world tasks that they would see following one of these career paths.

Who is eligible?

The OmniLYF Houston Summer Internship Program is available for upcoming seniors in high school through students just finishing their sophomore year in college. College students finishing their junior years of college will also be considered.

When does the program start/end?

The program runs from June 1st through August 7th with a one week break over the 4th of July. 

What are the typical hours each day?

Students are expected to get to work at 8:00am and stay until 3:30pm with 45 minutes for lunch though times may vary across programs.

Where is the Houston Summer Internship?

The OmniLYF program will be run in a Houston area office. 

Are any skills, classes, or previous experience required?

Apart from the computer science program, basic computer skills are all that is required. All other knowledge will be provided through various training at the beginning of each project.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes. All computer softwares will be provided but each student is required to bring their own laptop every day. If you do not have access to a laptop computer we will work with you to ensure you can participate.

How do I apply?

Click here or click apply on the menu at the top right of the screen and then fill out the requested information on the “Apply” page.

I am unable to attend the entire 9-weeks, can I still participate?

Absolutely. We suggest doing the 9-week program if at all possible as getting as much exposure to different careers is going to help ensure you find the best career path for you but we understand timing doesn’t always work.