9-Week Online Career Experience Internship Program

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An online internship program where students get real-world experience in multiple different professions so they can decide which career path they want to pursue in college.


This internship includes four 2-week long mini-internships in the professions of your choice.

An additional final week is included to assist students in building their resumes, prep for interviews, and learn negotiation tactics.

Select from 16 different career options (see Additional Information for list).

All projects will be completed working remotely.

Networking will be conducted through video conferencing with professionals.

Your experience will be extremely effective in enhancing your resumes and your applications to schools, scholarships, internships, and full-time jobs.


Additional information

9-Week Program

You will be contacted upon purchase to select your professions and dates.
Career Options Include:
Computer Science
Business Consulting
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Web Development
Graphic Design
Computer Aided Drafting

11 reviews for 9-Week Online Career Experience Internship Program

  1. Ammar S.

    “OmniLYF allowed me to gain a personal perception of several careers and lifestyles that I never learned about in K-12.”

  2. Farhan A.

    “The OmniLYF rotational internship program made me a better person professionally and personally. During my internship, I received amazing help from our mentor and met colleagues with strong work ethics. I would highly recommended everyone to join this program because not only will individuals be ahead of their game by gaining real-life experience throughout the various projects but will also be able to choose their destiny by not wasting their time in the wrong career.”

  3. Duy N.

    “OmniLYF gave me an opportunity to experience different career paths by completing in-house trainings, solving real-world problems, and receiving constructive feedback for self-improvement. Moreover, thanks to OmniLYF, I received a lot of valuable advice and life lessons from my mentor as well as all the guest speakers throughout this internship and was also able to visit some of the most amazing companies in the Houston area to further explore the day-to-day responsibilities of each profession.”

  4. Morgan A.

    “OmniLYF was a reality check experience. It was a great environment to learn and work in. The coworkers and my mentor help push me every day and I came out either learning something about myself or something presented to me. This program is elite because of the great management and the opportunities provided within this internship.”

  5. Logan M.

    “Honestly, the odds are stacked against students. There are thousands of careers out there, and we don’t know the first thing about any of them. As one of these teens, I feel qualified to say that prior to this past year, I had no clue what actually went on day-to-day in the workplace. This dilemma is exactly what OmniLYF remedies. Throughout my time as an intern, I learned what having a job entails by working directly with dozens of professionals. I also honed my skills through real-world applicable projects, and most importantly this experience taught me what I truly value and appreciate in a career, all while enjoying myself.”

  6. Isabella M.

    “Interning here has been one of the most beneficial experiences in my life. It’s relieving to figure out what you like and what you don’t like before committing to a certain major/career. I definitely recommend you to apply!”

  7. Ayman W.

    “OmniLYF was an experience, and gave us exactly that. It provided us with real-world practice and furthered my knowledge in each industry of the business world.”

  8. Ethan T.

    “OmniLYF has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. With multiple projects and outtakes everyday, OmniLYF is a multidimensional internship that develops young leaders. The idea behind a rotational internship dictates multiple variables that will excite you no matter what topic. From designing an entertainment venue to creating mock marketing campaigns for restaurants, OmniLYF effectively adheres to the youth group and molds individuals for the future. I will take my experiences I have learned and gained from OmniLYF and the staff to develop stronger interpersonal connections, reach higher goals, and aim to be at the top.”

  9. Wesley E.

    “OmniLYF was a wonderful experience, through working with my mentor and co-workers we discovered the true meaning of the disciplines we studied. OmniLYF was invaluable in gaining real world knowledge, connections in various industries, and a fun and enjoyable experience! I highly recommend anyone who is interested in any of the programs that they are offering take this course, the instructor was wonderful and truly guided us every step of the way! Thank you to OmniLYF for providing much needed experience and connections for the next step in my life.”

  10. Reece B.

    “I wasted time and money in accounting courses so I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall into the same trap in my next major. This helped me figure out what I want to do.”

  11. James K.

    “OmniLYF was a great experience for me over the summer! I was able to meet interesting people and get to know more about several different careers. It definitely was fun and helped me out a lot with deciding my career path!”

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