OmniLYF Summer Internship Program

A Career Exploration Opportunity


Why OmniLYF?


Who Can Participate in the Summer Internship Program?

Houston area rising seniors in high school through rising juniors in college


How Does It Work?




Dream Professions


Unparalleled Real-World Experience



Get Trained in Top Career Fields


Work On Real-World Projects


Network with Professionals


Tour Companies


Enhance Resume With Newly Acquired Experiences


Prep For Industry Specific Interviews


Develop And Practice Negotiation Skills


Meet With HR Reps And Hiring Managers

What Are The Benefits?


Money Saved*

2 Years

Time Saved*


Office/Industry Tours


Decide On Careers


Professional Advice


Resume Boosters/
Programs Learned


Networking Opportunities


Find Happiness

*Money and time saved are potential savings based on average time spent in college on a 4-year degree (6 years) and average total cost of college per year

As adults, we spend nearly 50% of our waking hours at work. By allowing our students the ability to try out their profession before they commit the next 40 years to it, we give them the opportunity to love what they do and to wake up every morning excited to go to work.


Summer Internship Program

Profession Options

Board Meeting Room

Business Consulting

Students will work projects in which they will consult companies looking to merge with or acquire another company, aid in guiding a new product entrance or expansion into the market, and assist struggling businesses.


Students will create, research, analyze, audit, and report company data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records using applicable accounting software.


Students will  analyze, verify, and interpret the financials  of major organizations, work through company and individual taxes, invest others’ money, and develop budgets and forecasts for startup companies.


Students will develop strategies to increase the revenues of companies’ products and services, create marketing and ad campaigns for new businesses, and develop a new product along with a plan to introduce it to an old market.

Graphic Art

Graphic Design

Students will create digital graphics to entice, inform, inspire, and convince consumers through social media, advertising materials, articles, and reports.

Electrical Engineering Bulbs

Electrical Engineering

Students will complete engineering projects including the design of electrical grids, electrical equipment, electronics, and testing procedures using various programs.

Computer Science

Students will work through information systems, information technology, and computer science as they design, build, and adapt software, applications, and websites.

Mechanical Engineering

Students will complete engineering projects including the planning, design, and review of various tools and machines as well as the invention of new products using various programs.

House Rendering

Computer Aided Drafting

Students will develop drawings and 3D models of engineered projects including buildings, landscapes, bridges, mechanical parts, etc, using various programs.

Law Gavel


Students will research, investigate, prepare documents, advise clients, present arguments, negotiate, and debate projects related to wide variety of law.

Civil engineering

Students will complete engineering design projects including buildings, bridges, dams, and water supply systems using various programs for structural, foundational, and water  resource analysis.

world with connecting lines

Web Development

Students will assist clients and coworkers in the development, design, and execution of various websites including marketing, blogging, e-commerce, corporate, and news.

Chemical Engineering

Students will create  and analyze engineering design processes  looking for areas for optimization and determining requirements and restrictions. Students will be exposed to projects pertaining to oil and chemical refineries, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.


Students will film and edit with opportunities to direct and produce short films, commercials, documentaries, and news stories. 


Students will complete architectural design projects including buildings, bridges, and landscapes. Various programs will be employed.


Students will research, investigate, interview, report, and write about various projects. Students will be exposed to newspaper, social media, TV, and magazine outlets.