How To Help Your Students Find Their Career Paths

The Problem

Our students have 12,000 different careersto choose from, yet they are often only exposed to a few professions and typically don’t get experience in any of those careers before having to make a decision.

The Solution

Students need to experience their chosen professions before they spend any time and money to ensure they are not unknowingly headed down the wrong path.

Options for Student Experience




Job Shadow








OmniLYF goes above and beyond to help your students find their career paths by providing them with the ability to decide between many different professions through mini-internships.

No matter which avenue students take, they need more exposure to different professions and more hands on experience in those professions.  This way, students will be able to determine what they want to dedicate their lives to.

In order to provide students with this message, OmniLYF has created the “Find Your Passion” presentation that highlights the reasons why students need more experience as well as different ways in order to get that experience. See some of the topics covered in the section below.

The Find Your Passion Presentation

Presentation Highlights


Finding Your Passion 


Getting Experience 


Avoiding Career Roulette



Roadmapping Your Career


Cost of Changing Majors


Price of “Affording” Happiness


Perspective From Companies

What OmniLYF is Doing to Help

Presentation Specifics


15-60 min


Any Size Group




The mission of OmniLYF is to help students find that one job that will make them excited to wake up and go to work every day.  As such, this presentation is provided complimentary to any and all high schools and colleges in the Greater Houston area. We want to educate students as to their options and of the startling statistics associated with not considering those options.

Contact Us

If your school would like to schedule a Find Your Passion presentation, please email us at so we can set up a date and time. 

78% of People Failed. How to Find the Job You’ll Love?

By Bobby Fausett – January 15th, 2019

Most people don’t love their jobs.  In fact, 78% of people are either not engaged at work or they are actively seeking another job. That’s three quarters of the American population that would be happier doing something else. And while that seems to be a lot, that number is probably not high enough. If you consider there are over 12,000 different jobs, the sheer odds of picking the profession that would make you the happiest are not good. 
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