Mission Statement

Our mission is to help high school and college-aged students to maximize the level of happiness in their lives by pairing them with the profession they are most likely to enjoy. We will accomplish this through educating our students in the vast possibilities available and supporting their decision-making by providing them with the real world experience necessary to make a more informed decision.

Our Why

We’ve all heard people say they are unhappy with their jobs. Even worse, many of us have heard that no matter what career you choose, work is not meant to be enjoyed. Many of us at OmniLYF spent 4-6 years in college only to find out we chose a path we didn’t enjoy. While we believed we could do any type of work as long as it paid well, we quickly found out we weren’t exceptions to the studies that show that happiness doesn’t increase beyond a certain level of income. Because we now believe finding your one true passion will ultimately lead to you leading a happier life, we wanted to do something to ensure others didn’t follow down our same path.

Finding a Career Path

We here at OmniLYF believe there is at least one job out there for everyone that will make them wake up every morning excited to go to work. To do this, we need to search for the job we can’t live without, as opposed to finding some job we can live with. The key is getting real-world exposure to a large enough variety of professions to be able to find your one true passion. At OmniLYF, we are dedicated to figuring out ways to help those searching for a path to find that one true passion.


We Provide Real World Experience to Aid Students in Finding a Career Path that Will Provide a Lifetime of Happiness

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